Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 2 Treasure Hunt Results

A lot of campers were curious on how their team fare during the final night's team building treasure hunt, here are the detailed results:

Teams to Reach the Pool (after being sacred to bits at the Workmen’s Shed):
1st Ararat
2nd Everest
3rd Kilimanjaro
4th Fuji
5th Chimborazo
6th Mauna Loa

Team to find their respective final treasures in the pool:
1st Everest
2nd Ararat
3rd Kilimanjaro
4th Chimborazo
5th Fuji
6th Mauna Loa (did not find the treasure)

Teams who receive extra scores for team cheer:
Mauna Loa

Teams who receive extra scores for team work:

1st Ararat & Everest
2nd Fuji & Mauna Loa
3rd Chimborazo

Teams who obtained the most amount of jewels from the pool:

Group (Amount) of Jewels Points
Fuji (6) 3800
Kilimanjaro (6) 3100
Ararat (4) 2650
Everest (4) 3650
Chimborazo (4) 2450
Mauna Loa (2) 1150

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