Saturday, September 8, 2007

MOVE Awards 2007

The Camp Committee would like to present a few awards to this year’s games group for their outstanding enthusiasm and team spirit.

Award 1: Best Team Spirit Trophy - Mauna Loa
Although Mauna Loa was a front runner at the beginning of the camp, they did not end up winning. However, one thing was persistent from day 1 till 4 was their amazing team spirit. They ran the race and finished it, regardless of injuries and tiredness. Each member cheered and encouraged each other till the end and for this we would like to award Mauna Loa with the Best Team Spirit Trophy!

Award 2: Best Teamwork Trophy – Everest
Everest was in the last position for the first 2 days. But they did not give up; instead they help each other and motivated each other constantly. Their great teamwork amongst each member is what catapulted the team from last to first. Ultimately Everest learned the secret of teamwork and how important it was for each member not matter how small their contribution was to just do their best, because together they can make a difference!

Award 3: Most Consistent Group Trophy – Fuji
If there was one group that was good in almost everything, it was Fuji. They were consistent throughout the whole camp. Not always on the top, neither were they at the bottom. A very funny drama, a beautifully designed group costume and the best banner ever, congrats Fuji!

Award 4: Most Happening Group – Ararat
Probably the most fun, happening and optimistic group, Ararat is constantly cheering, laughing and just having a good time. Yes of course there were many stressful moments during the games, but Ararat members were constantly helping and cheering and encouraging each other.

Honorable Mentions

Chimborazo is always persistent and have a never give up attitude! They always manage to catch up at the last minute. Team members are very supportive of their leaders and they have the most interesting group costume!

The members of Kilimanjaro never stop trying, always finding a better way to do something more efficiently. Not afraid to stand out and be different, they are creative (hence the very funny and well scripted drama) and hardworking.