Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Camp Challenge Results

Best Cheer
1st - Everest
2nd - Kilimanjaro
3rd - Fuji
4th - Mauna Loa & Chimborazo (tie)
5th - Ararat

Best Group Banner
1st - Fuji
2nd - Ararat
3rd - Mauna Loa
4th - Kilimanjaro
5th - Everest
6th Chimborazo

Best Group Costume
1st - Fuji
2nd - Chimborazo
3rd - Everest
4th - Mauna Loa
5th - Kilimanjaro
6th - Ararat

Best Drama
1st - Kilimanjaro
2nd - Chimborazo
3rd - Fuji
4th - Everest
5th - Ararat
6th - Mauna Loa


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